Guest blog: Lizzie Hammond

Lizzie Hammond writes about her experiences on the Virginia Woolf and Politics summer course in 2018.

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‘I love Virginia Woolf’s writing, and have spent many happy days at Charleston and Rodmell, examining artworks, attending lectures or simply reading about the Bloomsbury Group, their friends and critics. I continue to be fascinated by the period and its politics. I am however no expert, and I was a little nervous when I signed up to Literature Cambridge’s 2018 summer course, Virginia Woolf and Politics.

But I did not need to worry. The other students came from all walks of life. Some were students or teachers of Woolf; many others came simply with a love of her writing. Everyone was very enthusiastic and encouraging, so that every moment presented an opportunity for further examination or reassessment of her writing and of other works of the period.

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The lectures were fascinating, and the outings, which included visits to college rooms and libraries virtually inaccessible to the general public, a delight. But what will stay with me, more than any other aspect of this wonderful week, was the joy of meeting so many like-minded people willing to share their expertise, interests and ideas whether from behind a lectern or over a glass of wine. The whole experience has deepened my knowledge of my favourite area of research. I feel enthused to re-read and learn more about a subject I continue to find fascinating and enthralling.

I very much look forward to next year’s course.’

Literature Cambridge