Literature Cambridge offers top quality summer courses and short courses which focus on a particular author or theme.

Trudi Tate, Director

Trudi Tate, Director

Literature Cambridge is an independent educational organisation. Our teachers are nearly all Cambridge lecturers, post-docs, and post-graduates; others come from St Andrew's, the Sorbonne, Oxford Brookes, UCL, and other leading universities. Our summer courses take place in a Cambridge college. Our Study Days are held at Stapleford Granary. We are independent of the university and its colleges.

The Director is Dr Trudi Tate, Fellow of Clare Hall and Affiliated Lecturer in the Faculty of English, University of Cambridge.


We belong to Independent Cambridge.

Literature Cambridge was featured on New in Cambridge blog, 15 August 2018.

Information about past courses.

Some comments from our students

Woolf's Rooms summer course

• Studying in Cambridge was like a dream come true: each morning we had an inspiring lecture followed by another hour in which we could discuss the topic of the lecture with one of the tutors. It was a lovely experience to study with students from all over the world and of all ages with the same interest in literature and to have ample opportunities to discuss with them the novels of Virginia Woolf. In the afternoon an arranged trip was offered or we studied the text for the next class together. Thanks to Trudi and Ericka who perfectly arranged all lectures, the dinners and several trips, even one to Bloomsbury in London, and made me feel at home in Cambridge.


Virginia Woolf in Cambridge summer course

• I have really enjoyed my week here. Being a 'common reader' I was nervous I would be outnumbered by university academics, but there has been a great mix of people attending. Clearly a lot of thought has gone into the planning of events.

• Inspirational experience of academic supervision.

• An inspirational and well-delivered course that has more than fulfilled my expectations. It has been a real privilege to have had stimulating lectures and supervision by such esteemed academics. And having a small supervision group was an absolute treat.

• I would like to thank the whole team of their considerable efforts, expertise and thoughtfulness. Terrific mix of intensity and rest. I appreciated the variety of readers, range of speakers, choice of texts.

• It has been a fab week, and I look forward to joining you next year. Thank you!

• I think the course was fantastic, and organised very well. The lecturers were extremely interesting.


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