Gallery: Visit to Girton College

We paid a visit to Girton College on our Women Writers course in July 2018. Girton was founded in 1869 and was the first college to admit women to Cambridge. Alison Hennegan, who studied there as an undergraduate, gave a talk about the history of the college and showed us around the buildings and galleries of photographs. Clare Walker Gore gave a talk about George Eliot’s interest in women’s higher education. Some of Clare’s talk is published on our Blog page for 12 July 2018. The lectures took place in the parlor in which Virginia Woolf gave a talk in 1928 to Girton undergraduates, the text of which was revised into A Room of One’s Own (1929).

We will visit Girton College again on our Fictions of Home summer course in July 2019. Alison Hennegan will give a talk about ideas behind the buildings and gardens of this first ‘home’ for women students in Cambridge.

Photographs by Jeremy Peters.

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