Listening to Tennyson's poetry

tennyson hat.jpg

We are delighted to offer a Study Day on Tennyson, Sunday 18 February 2018. This includes readings of some of Tennyson's most moving works by expert readers. A rare opportunity to hear the remarkable long poem Maud (1855) alongside some brilliant short poems: 'Break, Break, Break', 'The Charge of the Light Brigade' and others. Further details here.

If you are interested to hear Tennyson's poems read aloud, we recommend the wonderful readings of his poetry recorded at the English Faculty, Cambridge in 2009 to mark the bicentenary of Tennyson's birth. You can find the printed text on the same page as the recordings, to read as you listen. Listen here.

Bookings for our Tennyson Study Day at Stapleford Granary are now open.