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Virginia Woolf’s Women
Summer Course, July 2020

Our 2020 Virginia Woolf course will explore Woolf’s Women, looking at some of her intriguing women characters. These might include Mrs Dalloway and her daughter; Mrs Ramsay and Lily in To the Lighthouse; plus the intriguing figure of Orlando, who leads us to wonder: What is a woman, to Woolf?

And what about the women in Woolf’s life who were so important to her writing: her mother Julia Stephen, her sister Vanessa Bell; friends such as writer Katherine Mansfield and composer Ethel Smyth; lover Vita-Sackville-West; and the young women students who attended her talks in Cambridge in 1928?

There will be a rich programme of lectures, seminars, supervisions (tutorials), walks, talks, and visits to places of interest in Cambridge. We are delighted that Alison Hennegan of Trinity Hall, Cambridge; Claire Davison from the Sorbonne; and Clare Walker Gore of Trinity College, Cambridge, will be teaching for us again. Marion Dell of the Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain and an expert on Woolf’s family history will give a talk on Julia Stephen. Susan Sellers will read from her acclaimed novel, Vanessa and Virginia, about Woolf and her sister.

Course dates are likely to be 19 to 24 July 2020; to be confirmed shortly. Bookings will open summer 2019. Discounts for early bookings, for students, CAMcard holders, and members of recognised Woolf Societies.