Discussion over tea after Jane Potter's lecture on  Jacob's Room

Discussion over tea after Jane Potter's lecture on Jacob's Room

Comments from Woolf's Rooms 
summer course

• What a wonderful experience. Great to share with so many vibrant people from around the world.
• I could not be happier with my Literature Cambridge week. Getting to experience the ‘Cambridge way’ of attending supervisions, in such an engaging and stimulating course and group of people, is a gift I’ll not soon forget.
• Fantastic lectures.
• I would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to attend such a well run, informative course.
• The excursions gave us entry into areas that as individuals we would not have access to.
• To attend this course was the accomplishment of a dream.
• I think I can say we all felt privileged to see Woolf’s manuscript.
• Tea time at Fitzbillies was great.
• The group reading aloud of The Waves was wonderful.
• Incredibly inspiring.
• Thank you very much for organising such an interesting summer school.
• Gillian Beer is amazing.
• Studying in Cambridge was like a dream come true: each morning we had an inspiring lecture followed by another hour in which we could discuss the topic of the lecture with one of the tutors. It was a lovely experience to study with students from all over the world and of all ages with the same interest in literature and to have ample opportunities to discuss with them the novels of Virginia Woolf. In the afternoon an arranged trip was offered or we studied the text for the next class together. Thanks to Trudi and Ericka who perfectly arranged all lectures, the dinners and several trips, even one to Bloomsbury in London, and made me feel at home in Cambridge.

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 Visit to Bloomsbury, July 2016

Visit to Bloomsbury, July 2016

Comments from Virginia Woolf in Cambridge
summer course 2016:

• This summer course is one of my top experiences.
• The course is still resonating – I think it was the immersion. The course was a real inspiration.
• Terrific program. I am going to do my best to come back next year ... You did an exceptional job providing something for everyone, no matter their background. A big thank you.
•Thank you so much for this course. It was excellently run and has reinvigorated both my enthusiasm for the Cambridge way and, most importantly, for Woolf’s works.
• Clear speakers whose enthusiasm is engaging and stimulating.
• Very well organized, enthusiastic staff, diverse range of activities, wonderful location! Thanks for everything!

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