We have teamed up with Stapleford Granary to offer intensive study days on a particular author or text, taught by leading academics.

We are delighted to bring the best of literary discussion to a wide audience, with accessible lectures by outstanding Cambridge scholars. There are no pre-requisites for the Study Days – just a love of reading. Our students are of all ages, with a great range of experience. 

Stapleford Granary is a beautiful building, an old granary renovated into a fantastic venue for lectures and concerts. It is 5 miles from the centre of Cambridge, easy to reach by bike, bus, or car. Shelford station is close by (15 minutes' walk) with train connections to London and central Cambridge. More information about the venue here.

Study Days 2018-19

Autumn 2018

  • Saturday 15 September. Reading Woolf, A Room of One's Own. With Alison Hennegan, Susan Sellers, and Trudi Tate.

  • Saturday 20 October 2018. Understanding King Lear. With Adrian Poole and Fred Parker.

  • Saturday 3 November 2018. Remembering the First World War. With Kate Kennedy and Trudi Tate.

If you would like to be on our emailing list, please email us at info@literaturecambridge.co.uk, or contact us via our contact form.

Spring 2019

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  • Thursday 24 January 2019. An evening with Sophie Hannah.

  • Saturday 9 February 2019. Nature Poetry with Paul Chirico and Oliver Goldstein. Bookings open soon.

  • Wednesday 13 February 2019. An Evening with Preti Taneja, author of We That Are Young.

  • Saturday 16 March 2019. Understanding Macbeth, with Charles Moseley and Edward Wilson-Lee.

  • Sunday 28 April 2019. Jill Dawson and Gillian Beer in Conversation.

  • Saturday 14 September 2019. Reading Virginia Woolf’s The Waves. Bookings open soon.

  • Saturday 19 October 2019 (tbc). How to Read Poetry. With Sarah Kennedy and Oliver Goldstein.

Teachers: a teacher bringing 5-10 students can come for free. Maximum 10 students. Please email us for details: info@literaturecambridge.co.uk

Future Study Day topics include:

  • Reading the Partition of India: Salman Rushdie and Arundati Roy

  • Remembering Slavery: Toni Morrison's Beloved

  • Understanding Hamlet, with Fred Parker and Adrian Poole

  • Zadie Smith

  • Kazuo Ishiguro

  • How to Read Poetry: An Introduction

  • Arthur Miller, A View from the Bridge

  • Sylvia Plath

  • D. H. Lawrence, short stories and poems

  • Reading Joyce's Ulysses

  • Jane Austen, Emma

  • Understanding Romeo and Juliet

 Audience at the Conversation between Ali Smith and Gillian Beer, Nov. 2017

Audience at the Conversation between Ali Smith and Gillian Beer, Nov. 2017

We are also planning a reading and talk to raise money for the refugee charity, Refugee Tales. Venue: in central Cambridge. Details to come.

Past Study Days

Information about previous study days can be found here.

Comments on To the Lighthouse Study Day

  • I learned plenty of new material and LOVED doing intensive study on a single text.

  • I had a wonderful time! Really liked the range of topics discussed, and was so excited to hear from renowned experts.

  • Superb – thanks.

  • Well planned day moving from general overview to specific aspects, much appreciated.

  • I enjoyed the day very much indeed. I hope you do more of them with the same structure.

Comments on Tragedy Study Day

 Students at the Study Days can talk individually with the lecturers over tea.

Students at the Study Days can talk individually with the lecturers over tea.

  • Three terrific lectures.

  • A great day.

  • Utterly fascinating. I didn’t know what to expect. ... I was completely riveted by all the talks and the audience questions were also fascinating.

  • The facilities are great. Fantastic lunch.

  • Very worthwhile day school. May there be more such days!

  • Inspirational teaching.

Comments on Tennyson Study Day

 Tennyson seminar

Tennyson seminar

  • Ewan Jones's poetry reading was wonderful.

  • Oliver Goldstein's lecture was easy to follow and very interesting.

  • It was all very interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks very much!