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This course is finished. Some reflections on the course are on our Facebook page; scroll down to 19 May 2017. Facebook link here.

Saturday 13 May 2017, 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm
Price: £75.00; includes afternoon tea
Stapleford Granary.
Places are limited

Have you always wanted to write but are not sure how to start? Or are you already writing but feel you need guidance on how to improve? Or perhaps you are an avid reader or book club member and would like to discover more about the techniques writers use to create characters and worlds that seem so alive we feel as if we are there?

This one-day workshop will begin at the beginning, with ideas about how to get started, what to write about, and how to engage readers, and will conclude with an insight into both online and commercial publishing. The course will focus on prose fiction, and include tips and useful exercises ranging from the all-important questions of voice and point of view, through character and world-building, to dialogue, plot, and the crucial role of self-editing.

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Susan Sellers

The workshop leader is Professor Susan Sellers, who has published three creative writing guides alongside literary criticism and novels, including the acclaimed Vanessa and Virginia which has been translated into sixteen languages and the experimental Given the Choice. Susan teaches English literature and creative writing at the University of St Andrews, and has run writing workshops for the Cambridge Literary Festival. 

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Susan Sellers' webpage: here